Drive Votes


Democracy works better when more people do it, so we make that happen. We register voters (especially underrepresented folks like young people & people of color) all year round and help them get their ballots in come election time.

Turn Up and Turn Out

National Voter Registration Day

Back in 2012, the Bus Project helped launch National Voter Registration Day, now celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of every September around the United States. We register hundreds of voters on this day with the hard work of volunteers, focusing on groups historically underrepresented in politics and getting to have awesome conversations about the importance of voting.

Democracy Bowl

We know high school is the perfect time to get young people engaged in our democracy and thinking about voting. That's why we host Democracy Bowl, a competition between high school students to see which school can register the most people. This last September, 21 high schools competed for the gold and registered over 600 of their peers.