You mad?

Are you mad about the electoral college? So are we.
For a couple of legislative sessions, The Bus Project has been pushing a national popular vote bill.
We see your posts on Facebook.
We see your posts on Twitter.
We hear your angry conversations in the local bars.
We read your emails about urging us to take action.
We’re going to fight like hell this legislative session, but we’re going to need your help. Can youpledge to take action? This means you pledge to call your state representatives or state senators. This means you might get on a bus and come to Salem for a day of action. This means you might submit testimony in support. Take your anger and help us pass some reforms in Oregon. It doesn’t just stop here. We’ve got work to do with your help.
Don’t want to take direct action, but want to help support the cause? Join us today and be a monthly Bus Driver for $10 a month and help us fuel our bus tank for those long trips to Salem.
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