Daytime Emmys, Eat Your Heart Out

The Wheelies is the Bus Project’s awards show for stuff that matters. Once every two years, the Bus’s coalition of the benevolently irrational (good people doing good things for no good reason) come together to recognize the leaders, volunteers, organizations and businesses that demonstrate some serious guts for the public interest.

In 2009, over 500 people donned their fancy pants and packed the glamorous Gerding Theater for an event that one noted politico called “The most fun and entertaining political event I’ve ever been to.” Hosted by then-former-now-current-Governor Kithzaber, the 2009 Wheelies doled out 10 prestigious awards for service to the public good, saw the christening of the VoteBot, and raised a heaping mound of dough for the Bus’s 2010 election efforts.

Already feeling nostalgic for that rad night? Or maybe you’re bummed you missed out on the action? Well good news, gang: the Wheelies will be back this October for another round of innovation celebration and we can’t wait to see you there.