Ideas, meet action.

Rebooting Democracy is a conference for people-powered politics. Every two years, hundreds of future-minded do-gooders gather to chart a course forward for Oregon. In Hood River (2003), Welches (2006), Portland (2008 & 2012) and Bend (2010), Rebooting Democracy has proven over and over that when you combine big-picture thinkin’ with hands-on democracy, beautiful things happen.

Rebooting Democracy broadens and deepens our network for the public good, bringing together urban social justice activists and rural environmental advocates, business leaders and labor organizers, local journalists and national academics, established donors and brand-new volunteers, and everyone in between. They discuss the biggest problems we face, envision bold new solutions and develop the hard-core skills it takes to turn their vision into reality.

In 2012, we added a week long cultural festival to the mix, featuring film screenings, stand-up comedy, Candidates Gone Wild, and other live entertainment, drawing in an even wider range of do-gooders in our community.

And then to top it all off, they survey the leading edge of public interest policy and vote on their favorites by pledging their time and money to making it a reality. The winning policies receive a Bus-load of support from yours truly, which is why we’re working hard for tuition equity and justice reinvestment in the 2013 legislative session.