Door-to-door democracy, in style.

Nothing quite says “democracy is friggin’ great” like sunny volunteers talking to voters, face-to-face. And Bus Trips do it right.

On a typical Bus Trip, upwards of 100 charming volunteers go around a community, knocking on doors for a given candidate or cause they care about. On the doorstep, they share their opinions & find out what issues voters care about most. In the process, volunteers get two free meals, meet fancy people (like US senators and governors and what-not) and make friends with the next generation of Oregon leaders.

In short, Bus Trips are nonpartisan volunteer canvasses that go all over the state to tip the balance in close elections that will decide whether or not Oregon invests in the future.

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A big ol’ Bus Trip

(This one was clearly for a ballot measure, but most Bus Trips are for forward-thinking Democratic, Republican & Independent candidates)

In election years, Bus Trips are all about tipping the balance in close elections that determine the future of Oregon. In non-election years, Bus Trips follow up on that work to advance innovative policy. Either way, you should hop on board.

To give you a sense of how a typical Bus Trip goes down, check out this itinerary from a recent trip.