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Bus volunteers use people power to do great stuff for democracy. This stuff, in particular:

Bus Trips

Mobs of volunteers from all over Oregon literally get on the Bus to help forward-thinking candidates and causes. We travel our beautiful state together, go door to door, have real conversations with voters and really make change. And there ain’t much better place for meeting good people than on the Bus.

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Makin’ Laws

Bus peeps use democracy for good. We advocate, testify & help make good ideas into good laws. We connect regular folks with the levers of power and innovate wherever possible.

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A one-of-a-kind democracy bootcamp. Every summer, 24 of the most talented young leaders America has to offer descend on Portland, Oregon to get the skills and know-how to change the world. In 10 short weeks, PolitiCorps Fellows get organizing trainings from the experts, craft their own field plans and execute them together. When they’re done, they’re ready to empower their communities and use grassroots politics to tackle our biggest challenges.

Check out PolitiCorps if you want to apply, or just learn more about why it’s awesome.


Our intern program is focused on training young people to be effective and inclusive community leaders and organizers through weekly classroom sessions and on-the-ground fieldwork. Interns lead and participate in weekly classroom sessions designed to give them skills and tools necessary to make positive change in their community. We pair the classroom trainings with serious fieldwork so that interns can make a tangible impact on their community by utilizing the skills they learn in the classroom.

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