We’re in the Give!Guide!

This year The Bus Project is participating in Willamette Week’s Give!Guide! It’s a fun and easy way to give back to organizations you care about, while getting some cool incentives back. To make things a little more interesting, our board member, Dan Torres, has agreed to get a Vote Bot Tattoo if we can raise $10,000 from November 1st through December 31st. Help us make that dream a reality, by donating to Give!Guide today!

If you give at least $10, you get access to the Chinook Book app. If you give $1,000 you will get a hand-delivered bag of gifts! And when you make a gift on a Big Give Day, you will be entered into a raffle for even more cool prizes, like a dream Salt and Straw and ping pong party with you and 59 of your closest friends at Pips and Bounce.

You get cool prizes, and you help keep The Bus rolling, what could be better? Make sure to check out The Bus Project page, throw a few dollarz our way, and don’t miss out on this amazing win-WIN situation.

XOXO Team Bus

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