We’re hirin’ for a Leadership Development Coordinator! Is it you?

Hey folks! The Bus Project is gearing up for a busy 2015, with plans to modernize our state’s voter registration system, to fight to make Oregon the first state in the country with a progressive carbon tax, and to accomplish this work by empowering the next generation of Oregonians to become political leaders and organizers in our fair state. To do that, though, we’re gonna need help! The Bus Project is hiring a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR who will be managing our esteemed Politicorps program, developing legislative internships and more!

The full details of the job description are HERE; please do us a solid and forward this position to anyone you know who is excited about working with youth, interested in community organizing, passionate about racial and social justice, or (preferably) all of the above.

Applications received before 12/31 at midnight receive priority. Hope to hear from you!

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