Week of Giving here at the Bus Project.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Bus Project. You’ve helped us accomplish great things, including passing the groundbreaking and nationally-renowned New Motor Voter law, launching our Fresh Start Oregon campaign and preparing for this year’s PolitiCorps class. Thanks to our legislative victory, the Bus Project is poised to reach out to as many as 400,000 (yep that’s right – 400,000!) new voters in Oregon.

This week is the Bus Project’s week of giving. Starting today, the Oregon Bus Project enters into a contest with our partners around the country. Our national partners have provided rewards up to $6000 for hitting our fundraising goals in the week of June 1st to June 8th.

That’s where you come in. We need your help.

Please consider becoming a Bus Driver and donating monthly to the Bus Project. For just $5 or $10 a month, the Bus Project can reach out to those 400,000 new voters. Plus, you get a free drink at Brewhaha events, and the pride that you’re ensuring the next generation of Oregonians are ready to take the reigns and better their communities through organizing across the state.

If you are a current monthly member, thank you for being a rock star! We hope that you will consider increasing your monthly donation by $3 (that’s just one extra cup of coffee each month) to ensure that we have enough clipboards and pens for every volunteer we recruit, for every pledge to vote they gather.


Voting is the first step in ensuring that young people participate in their democracy and make their voices heard.

It is through the gamechanging New Motor Voter law that we can lead the way for the nation and make registering to vote more accessible than ever. Your contributions are what keeps the Bus able to empower young voters and encourage them to become politically engaged.

Oregon is now in a unique position; we’ll be the first state to have an election with nearly the full state registered to vote. With your help, we can ensure all these newly registered voters are getting those ballots in the mail. Please consider giving to the Bus Project this week!

With much love,
The Bus Family

Click on our rockstar fundraiser cat to give the Bus a couple bucks.
(Yes, you can click on this awesome cat gif to donate.)


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