We could expand voter access and we need your help… today.


Help us make a difference by contacting your legislator today and asking them to vote YES on SB1586!

In Oregon, we modernized our voting system to allow for online voter registration, vote by mail, passed Oregon Motor Voter, and when there are limitations to the ballot, it’s been our motto to find solutions.

As one of the leading nonprofits working to register, education, engage and mobilize young voters, we are working to find real solutions to barriers that continue to restrict access to the ballot. This short session, we CAN pass a bill that has real and sensible solutions to an urgent problem.
This year, millennials will out number baby boomers as the largest eligible voting block. But, young people are excluded from the voting process because of the requirement of postages stamps. We need to do more to ensure all young, eligible voters have access to the polls. By passing, SB1586– we can limit barriers, provide drop box locations on and near campuses, and provide equal footing. Nothing is more Oregonian than the spirit to pioneer our voting system.
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