Transitions at The Bus Project


I’m writing today with some bittersweet news. Our incredible Executive Director, Nikki Fisher, is leaving her position with the Bus to take on a new challenge. The board is excited to support Nikki’s transition and to begin our search for the Bus Project’s next fearless leader.

Since Nikki joined the staff in 2015, the Bus has done some pretty great things. We helped implement automatic voter registration and saw over 400,000 Oregonians get added to the voter rolls – including nearly 100,000 people who voted for the first time in 2016. We literally revolutionized the way voter registration is done in this country. We graduated 37 PolitiCorps fellows and found job placements for a ton of them. We were even on the front cover of the Nation magazine! We passed some other important voting reforms, too: voter pre-registration for 16-year-olds and a bill that added more drop boxes to college campuses.

More than anything, we are grateful for the leaders Nikki has helped build. At the Bus Project, we take young leaders, provide opportunities for growth and success, and encourage them long-term to help build progressive structures to win, to build, and succeed. We are proud of the work Nikki has done and we are proud to have her in the Bus family.

During the transition, Courtney Graham, who has worked with the Bus for the last year as our lobbyist and fearless leader in Salem, will be our Interim Director. We also have awesome staff: Amy, our Leadership Director, has been around for three cycles of fellows and has been a huge asset to our team. Gnora, our Policy and Advocacy Director, has been with the Bus since September and is already rocking it. Jack is our super savvy and trusted accountant, and has been a longtime member of the Bus family. And we have our brilliant fellow Joseph with us from Mozambique until December.

Myself and the board are ready to support this transition, and we have already started planning for an extensive and inclusive search for a new Executive Director (stay tuned for a job description).

​The Bus Project, with Courtney’s interim leadership, will continue to drive our policy priorities, legislative agenda, and vision and strategy forward.​ We are so excited for the future of the organization. We wouldn’t be here without Nikki’s hard work and leadership, and we hope you will join us in thanking her for her years of service. ​

Your c(3) board chair,


Sam Chapman

P.S.We hope to see you at Jingle Bus this year! We are going to celebrate Nikki’s years of work and are excited to wrap up the year with a bunch of our amazing friends and generous donors.


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