After last night we all need a little bit of laughter.


Ted Wheeler
Chloe Eudaly
Steve Novick
Eric Zimmerman
Sharon Meieron
Amanda Schroeder
Diego Hernandez
Bud Pierce
Ballot Measure 26, 97, 98.

Video skits too.

Huge kudos to Jason Rouse and Steph Barnhart for making this magic happen.

When is it? 7:30pm tonight. We suggest you get there a little early.

Where: Revolution Hall.

How much: $5 bucks in advance. $10 bucks at the door.

Why: Young people don’t think politics are fun. We see a bunch of folks that have much in common with us. This event helps young voters connect and see a human side of candidates. Plus, we seriously need a little laughter in this election cycle. And this is it. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win some Blazer’s tickets.


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