This Week: Help Make Voting Awesome…er


What if you could pre-register to vote when you turn 16 and make that first breathtaking trip to the DMV? What if every time you moved within the state you didn’t also need to move your registration because it was attached to you and not your house, which can’t even vote?

If this sounds like the kind of state you wanna live in—and, frankly, you’re a little bummed to learn that it doesn’t already work like this—you can help make it happen.

Over the next two weeks the Oregon House is taking a good long look at a slate of bills meant to make voting in Oregon more free, fair and accessible. And we want—nay, we need—you to be right in the heart of the action.

Read on for a quick intro to the policies and a couple ways you can help.

The Bills

  1. HB 2988, 16 Year-Old Pre-Registration: 20,000 16 year-olds get their driver’s licenses at the DMV every year. This bill would allow them all to pre-register to vote in the same trip (just like 17-year-olds already do).
  2. HB 3175, Improving College Voter Registration: Offers students more opportunities and information to register to vote at all public colleges and universities.
  3. HB 2017, Online Voter Reg. Update: Allows currently registered Oregon voters without a driver’s license to update their voter registration online using their Social Security number.
  4. HB 2198, Portable Voter Registration: Keeps your voter registration up-to-date when you move, so you get your ballot at your new address without needing to fill out a new voter registration.

For more details, head over to our Makin’ Laws page.

How You Can Help: Attend a Hearing

Wednesday, March 13, 3 PM: The House Rules Committee will be taking a look at bills #1-3 from above. This is a big day for getting young people even more engaged with politics in our state.

Wednesday, March 20, 3 PM: The House Rules Committee is back at it, this time looking at the Portable Voter Registration bill. Because who has two thumbs and wants to re-register every time they move? Probably no one (just guessing).

We want to fill the hearing room on both of these dates with your beautiful faces and infectious love for democracy. Click here to save your seat in a carpool from Portland on the 13th. And click here to save your seat on the 20th.

How You Can Help: Call your Representative

Can’t make it down to Salem for the day? Give your legislator a phone call or write them a letter. Legislators love hearing from their constituents. Click here to find your legislator.

Together we can make Oregon a state with convenient, secure, hassle-free voter registration. Because when more people do democracy, democracy does more for all of us.

P.S. Can’t do either of the above but want to help fuel the work? Click here to become a Bus Driver and totally make our day.

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