The immigrant community in Oregon is under attack. AGAIN.



The immigrant community in Oregon is under attack. Again.

After anti-immigrant forces won in 2014 on Measure 88 (driver’s cards), they now feel they have the momentum to pass even more hateful policies to make the lives of many Oregonians even more difficult.  These groups have filed several statewide ballot measures that Oregonians could potentially vote on this November. These malicious measures do three things:

1.     Require E-Verify: Some proposals would require every business in Oregon to run every current and future employee through the flawed E-Verify program, or risk losing their business license.

2.     English-Only: Another measure would make English the official language of Oregon. All government information and documents (including those at schools) could only be published in English. No government job could require applicants to be competent in a language other than English.

3.     Restricting Voting Rights: A final measure would cancel every Oregonian’s voter registration until they could re-prove to the county clerk they were citizens in Oregon.

A coalition of local organizations – including the Bus Project– have come together to defeat these measures, and will do everything we can to protect our most vulnerable in this state. To succeed in 2016, we will need your help. It starts by making a pledge, and sharing with your friends and family that you will not sign any ballot proposal that attacks immigrants.

As these hateful anti immigrant forces build for the election, they will be asking members of the community to sign petitions in order for  the measure to qualify for the ballot. So stand with us, as we stand up to these racist and anti-immigrant groups.

We believe that Oregonians do not want these divisive policies to be the law in our great state, so we will continue to build to defeat them, and will keep you informed as we do.

In Solidarity,

The Bus Project

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