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The Bus Project has been circulating this letter in support of Senate Joint Resolution 5, which will help get big money out of politics by authorizing the citizens of the state of Oregon to vote on whether or not the state should be one of only six in the country without campaign finance reforms. The fine folks at Common Cause have been working hard to get this bill to a vote, and they could *totally* use your signature to help ensure legislators know that Oregonians want to limit the ability of big, out-of-state money to impact the politics of our plucky little state.

Click HERE to sign Common Cause’s petition.


April 24, 2015

Chair Beyer                                         

Senate Committee on Rules

The Bus Project is an organization committed to getting young Oregonians involved, engaged, and empowered to participate in local and statewide politics. Our nonpartisan nonprofit organization empowers young folks through community organizing, voter enfranchisement, and volunteer-powered campaigns to provide more of a voice for young Oregonians and train and inspire the next generation of Oregon’s leaders.

As such, our organization cares deeply about ensuring the mechanisms of our democracy are accessible to everyday citizens. We strongly support initiatives that work to empower Oregonians to participate in their local democracy, and we believe that it’s essential to eliminate the undue power wielded by a small number of individuals and PACs able to make financial contributions to campaigns and elections. The Bus Project therefore supports a Yes vote on Senate Joint Resolution 5, which would authorize citizens and the Legislature to establish campaign contribution limits for the state of Oregon. Without such safeguards, Oregon will continue to remain one of only six states in the nation without any contribution limits, and the voices and votes of every day Oregonians will continue to be diluted by the small number of individuals capable of large financial impact. In addition, as an organization deeply invested in encouraging young Oregonians towards careers as public servants and community leaders, we are warmed by the possibility that strengthened campaign finance reform will make running for office a more viable option for a wider range of next-generation Oregonians without deep pocketed donors to finance their campaigns.

We encourage legislators to support SJR 5 and help ensure the next generation of Oregonians are able to enjoy an accessible democracy in which everyday citizens are able to meaningfully engage with their elected officials. Please join the Bus Project, Common Cause Oregon, the League of Women Voters, AARP Oregon and other nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations interested in this crucial piece of reform of our democracy.

Bus Project Letter in support of Senate Joint Resolution


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