Consider us the Good News Bears

Volunteers are the heart & soul of the Bus, but these are the people who are at Bus Central every day. Come hang out with us!

10932123_855890677804941_1069742128_n[1]Nathan Howard, The Dude
(Interim Executive Director)

Prior to hopping in the driver’s seat of the Bus, Nathan Howard worked in the Oregon State Senate. Most recently he worked as a Finance Director during the 2014 election cycle and before that as the Chief of Staff to Senator Mark Hass with a focus on Education, Environmental, and Finance & Revenue Public Policy. Nathan is a native Oregonian, born and raised in Portland just off 82nd Ave., and attended the University of Oregon where he received his BA in City Planning, Public Policy and Management. Nathan sees Oregon as a trailblazer in the movement to increase civic engagement, especially among young people, and move towards shared and sustained prosperity. When he isn’t working on moving the great state of Oregon forward, Nathan enjoys working on bicycles, playing Settlers of Catan, and hiking around the Northwest.

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Amy Kessler, Youth Empowerment Extraordinaire
(Leadership Development Coordinator)

Amy Kessler is a transplant from Montana.  She studied political science and policy analysis at Montana State University, which is where she first fell in love with progressive politics.  After helping to pass a non-discrimination ordinance in her hometown, she wanted to continue on with grassroots organizing and empowering other young people around the nation.  Portland has always been her dream city, and she is so excited to educate and cultivate young Oregonian leaders!  On the rare occasions where she is not rattling on about civic engagement, you can find her singing NSYNC karaoke, taunting her cat with a laser pointer, or dreaming about powder days.

1978906_10201743911706775_1129246604_n[1]Aaron Brown, Recruiternaut
(Outreach Coordinator)

Aaron Brown is the Outreach Coordinator for the Bus Project, a nonprofit organization that works to get young people involved and engaged at politics and a local and statewide level. Aaron is passionate about getting young people involved in local politics, and believes that youth organizing and engagement in politics provides a lot of hope for the future of a more equitable, prosperous country. Aaron first volunteered for the Bus Project at age 15, as a sophomore at Sunset High School, and returned to work at the Bus after studying Urban Geography at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Aaron has previously worked at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Groundwork Portland, and has served as board president of Oregon Walks, the statewide pedestrian advocacy organization, since 2013. Aaron’s writing has featured The Oregonian’s editorial pages and in the features section of Willamette Week, and helped conduct the 2012 Portland Afoot low car voter’s guide. Aaron spends his free time pining for the Oregon Coast, searching for the perfect food cart burrito and losing his voice in the Timbers Army.

Alex Golez, Queen of the Dollar-Dollar Billz
(Development Coordinator)

Alex joins the Bus with an unfounded passion for development work and behind the scenes organizational operations. At night she dreams of databases, spreadsheets, and efficient financial protocols and the day these can be implemented into everyday discussion without receiving side eye glances. Outside of this, Alex is in love with her beautiful wife, video games, Investigation Discovery, and Zack Scott.