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Last Monday, in front of a warm, packed crowd at The Waypost, the Bus Project and Oregon Climate kicked off our joint campaign to work for progressive climate policy here in the state of Oregon. After a gracious introduction by Representative Lew Frederick, Oregon Climate’s Executive Director Camila Thorndike spoke and debuted the new video explaining the fee-and-dividend model of placing appropriate pricing on carbon pollution. A full recap of the event is available in a story published by Oregon Business. The video is available here: please share it widely with your friends!

image1Oregon enjoys a long history as an innovative, trailblazin’ champion for pragmatic environmental politics; from our Urban Growth Boundary to our illustrious history with recycling, we’ve always stepped up to the challenge to lead the country in finding ways to protect our surroundings. Now, it’s our generation’s turn to stand up and write the next chapter of Oregon’s groundbreaking story as a leader in protecting our planet by putting a price on carbon.

To learn more and to help write that aforementioned next chapter, check out Oregon Climate’s Volunteer page, or sign up to get involved with the Bus Project. We’ll get you plugged in.

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