#newmotorvoter’s coming to a vote on Friday. Will you be there?

We’ve been talking about it for weeks (and working on it for years), and it appears this Friday will be the big day: House Bill 2177, affectionately known as #newmotorvoter, will be headed to the floor of the Oregon House for a vote this FRIDAY, February 20, at 10am. (If you haven’t already signed our petition, go for it!)

Wanna be present for this historic vote? Yeah, we thought so.

And guess what?

The Bus Project has gotchu covered.

We’re road trippin’, and we want to bring you along.


We’ll be taking our trusty Bus down to Salem to show support for New Motor Voter and make sure our legislators remember the importance of this bill; by spending a sunny Friday afternoon with us, you’ll be ensuring that legislators know that removing barriers to access and participation in our democracy is a crucial issue that deeply matters to young Oregonians.

WHO: You. (and your friends at the Bus Project!)

WHAT: Your chance to be a witness to history and to make sure legislators know that making democracy as accessible, engaging, and wonderful as possible is an issue worth

WHERE: Bus Project HQ; 333 SE 2nd Portland Oregon 97214

WHEN: 8:00am, this FRIDAY, February 20th. (that’s in three days!) We should be back in Portland around 1:30.

WHY: Because democracy is worth fighting for (and volunteering to make democracy better is a lot of fun. Also, we’ll have coffee, bananas and doughnuts.)

HOW: Send Aaron, our outreach coordinator, an email at aaron@busproject.org to RSVP, or call the Bus office’s at 503.233.3018. We’re happy to write you a pink slip if you need an excuse to leave school/work for the day; we should be back. You won’t wanna miss this!

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