What’s this #newmotorvoter thing all about?



As superfans of democracy and ardent supporters of any effort to get a ballot in the hand of every eligible Oregonian, we’ve been busy the last few years.

We’ve been working to expand democracy across this fine state for many a year (see: seventeen year old pre registration in 2007, Online Registration in 2009, and our work to adopt the National Voter Registration Act Compliance Council in 2011), and we’ve been working on bringing this Voter Modernization effort to Oregon for over three years.

This past Monday, the Bus Project and our volunteers provided testimony about the ways that this bill will help remove further barriers to voting.

The House Committee on Rules heard from Uma, a rockstar high school volunteer who ran a registration drive at Westview High School; they heard from Kappy, affiliated with the League of Women Voters who declared “I’ve been voting for seventy years, and I recommend it;” and Iris, a single mother who has found herself often moving homes and wanted to be sure she’d always have a ballot to cast for an upcoming election.

Check out the press coverage about this bill from the Washington Post and The Oregonian. Do us a favor and tweet/facebook your support for the bill using the hashtag #newmotorvoter, sharing our blog post, and signing our petition to legislators know you support the bill.

Convinced that #newmotorvoter is a good idea? Awesome! Click here and sign our petition to make sure legislators hear from Oregonians across the state that it’s time to pass this legislation to put a ballot in the hands of every eligible Oregonian.

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