Meet Ana! One of our brilliant fellows!

Ana is originally from Mexico, she currently lives in Salem, Oregon where she attends Willamette University. She is majoring in politics and economics. She acquired her interest in politics through her involvement in Willamette Academy, a college access non-profit that helps youth that are underrepresented in institutions of higher education to attend college. Her different job positions at Willamette Academy, an academic mentor for 8th, 9th and 11th graders and as an administrative staff for the parent program, allowed her to see the impact of policy on the accessibility and quality of education that students in Oregon receive. As a result, Ana hopes to join the efforts of reaching education equity across Oregon schools. Aside Willamette Academy Anahas also worked at the state Capitol where she was an intern with a state Representative. She worked on co-writing magazine articles about bills that passes last session such as increasing accessibility of benefits for LGBT veterans. Overall, Ana hopes to acquire new skills and experience as a Bus Project fellow and to gain long time friends.

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