It’s time to move Portland not just left or right, but FORWARD.

My name is Caitlin Baggott. And I’m running for Mayor.

Because Portland needs jobs. And not just good, family wage jobs. Organizer jobs too, with long hours and little pay.

Because we need not just one but FIVE Columbia River Crossings. Each with its own structural flaw, so YOU, the taxpayer, get to choose.

Because East Portland deserves to be in West Portland.

Because sustainability should be more than just an empty word. It should be THE empty word.

Because Undecided is currently leading in the mayor’s race. And I’ve met Undecided. And Undecided is no Jack Kennedy.

Because the Bus is just itching to flex its massive political muscle in Portland elections between good progressive candidates.

Because King-Making is my business. And business is good.

Ever since I was a weird little kid, I’ve dreamt of running for Mayor of Portland. I pined for that delicious, painful scrutiny; longed to have my life and work picked apart in print and hoped that someday, I too could spend months fighting to get an excrutiatingly thankless job and forever give up any semblance of a personal life.

This is for real, Portland*. I didn’t come to this decision lightly. I almost chose not to run. But after months of pleading calls from my close friends at alternative weekly newspapers and Portland political blogs, I had no choice but to go for it. I’m in it to win it. I am not a politician. Yes we can. For jobs. And schools. And jobs.

I need your support. And your money. A LOT of your money. Basically all of it. Do any of you own SuperPACs?

Check out my website and make a donation today.

*Um, of course it’s not. 1. It’s after the filing deadline. 2. Look at the date, genius. 3. That sounds TERRIBLE. 4. Are you kidding me. 5. If you can read this you’re driving too close. 6. was afraid of 7. Because 7 8 9. Bus for life. Volunteers rock. Dustin Diamonds are forever. SEACREST OUT.