Make Oregon’s criminal justice system more accountable

2017 has already been a landmark year for criminal justice reform in our state! Thousands of you reached out to elected officials and helped pass laws to end law enforcement profiling, reduce unreasonably harsh penalties for simple drug possession, slow the expansion of our prison population, and make our grand jury system more transparent and accountable. We thank each of you for getting involved.

It is a new day and a new political landscape! We’re building momentum and are far from done. Today, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with the ACLU of Oregon for their launch of the They Report to You Campaign, a cutting-edge campaign to make our criminal justice system more accountable to everyday people. Our PolitiCorps fellows have already knocked over 14,000 doors for this campaign over the summer and we’re excited to share this with you! Join us on Sunday, August 27th in Beaverton to help kick off the campaign!

There is more to accountability than building and filling prisons. Accountability includes reflecting our values through increasing access to education, mental health treatment, re-entry support, and ensuring equal treatment. It means not only holding people convicted of crimes accountable, but also holding district attorneys and law enforcement accountable. It means holding ourselves accountable too, so that we educate ourselves about candidates running for positions like district attorney and vote for the one who best reflects our values.

Join the ACLU for lunch and learn how you can get involved with They Report to You. Afterwards, we will hit the streets on our first volunteer canvass for district attorney accountability. Sign up today!

The basics
What: They Report to You Campaign launch for the ACLU
When: Sunday, August 27th
Where: Beaverton Public Library Green (12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR 97005)
Time: 12-3pm
Lunch and a training are both provided before hitting the doors!
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