Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday. This year, we have a ton of reasons for you to give to the Bus.
Janelle Bynum won her election by 580 votes. We did a couple of Bus Trips and holy moly are we glad we talked to all those voters. Janelle is going to be an incredible legislator.
Automatic Voter Registration had close to 100,000 people vote that otherwise would have not received a ballot thanks to our ground breaking legislation.
Teresa Alonso Leon won her election and had blew it out of the water with a whopping 55% of the votes. Teresa was our very first Bus Trip this cycle.
We were bummed that Paul Carlos Southwick didn’t make it past the finish line this cycle, but boy oh boy– did we have fun meeting him and trying to knock out Julie Parrish. Those hills are no joke.
Mark Meek is taking over for Representative Barton (District 40) and we’re glad we could help knock on some doors during GOTV.
All of these things wouldn’t be possible without financial support. The day after the election, folks asked how can we help– I told them keeping gas in the bus tank is the most important thing you can do besides knocking doors, registering voters, and volunteering. Chip in today to make sure we can keep democracy working. Voter access, voter expansion, and championing legislation has been our jam. We need you on this #givingtuesday, to invest in our future and invest in the bus!
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