Friends. Campaign Finance in Portland might happen.

With the Portland city council poised to consider “Open & Accountable Elections” next month, we have a chance to enact a well-proven reform that gets special interest money out of local elections, puts voters back in the driver’s seat, and allows for more competitive races and a city government more representative of our city’s full diversity.

But this won’t happen on its own: You and I must show up.

RSVP for the hearing where City Council will consider whether to pass this reform.

Portland City Council Hearing

November 3rd

2:30 pm—5:00 pm

City Hall Chambers

1221 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204


Your city commissioners will decide. If you want them to support reform, make sure they hear from you. Make sure they face a hearing room full of supporters, all expecting them to take democracy reform as seriously as we do.


It’s clear that the democratic process has been captured by special interest money. Open and Accountable Elections restores a more balanced democracy. By incentivizing candidates to forgo big money and rely only on small-dollar campaign contributions from the people who live in this city (matching and augmenting the smallest contributions 6-to-1, while capping all contributions at a maximum of $250), it puts voters (instead of wealthy special interests) back at the center of our democracy.


This reform is already working in several other cities. We can pass it here. But that depends on what you and I do next.


Join us on November 3rd for this high-profile, impactful, and historical day.


Make the difference,

Nikki Fisher

Executive Director

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