America is a big, brilliantly diverse nation that sets the pace for the world.

So why is our voting system better fit for 19th century white landowners?

When a modern nation holds outdated elections, it wastes millions of dollars, undermines voter confidence, and denies a ton of eligible citizens their sacred right to democracy.

Democracy Done Right is about fixing all that. The campaign is based on a simple idea: Every citizen should be automatically registered to vote, get to cast their ballot in a secure, accessible way that fits their needs, and never ever have their right to vote taken away for any reason.

We are an affiliate who is part of the Alliance for Youth Action. On the ground, we’re making things happen.

Here in Oregon– we’ve been doing it for a while.

Leading the way for Election Reform in Oregon

Building on a history of success

The Bus Project was founded in 2001 to mobilize and engage the next generation of civic leaders. The Bus empowers volunteers and young leaders to advocate for issues important to the Millennial generation, to pass policies at the ballot and in the legislature that improve access to voting and build power for young people. In addition to our policy work, we have invested in Oregon democracy by registering over 100,000 people to vote, and implemented voter registration services at over 100 high schools across the state.

Since 2007, the Bus Project has been systematically passing policies in Oregon to redesign our voting system to be truly accessible to the Rising American Electorate.

2007: Led organizing and lobbying efforts for the passage of 17-year-old voter pre-registration.

2009: Passed online voter registration and voter registration accessibility requirements for all high schools in Oregon, through legislative campaign coordinated by Youth Vote Coalition (Bus, Oregon Students, & OSPIRG).

2011: Won creation of the state National Voter Registration Compliance Act, focused on improving voter registration at public assistance agencies, in collaboration with Oregon Common Cause.

2013: Launched state task force to improve minority language in voting materials, led by CAUSA and the Bus Project.

2013: Led advocacy coalition for Secretary of State Kate Brown’s automatic voter registration bill (HB 3521), ultimately failing by a single vote in the Senate, after securing passage in the House. 

2014-15: Led the coalition to pass automatic voter registration.

2015-16: Led the coalition on implementation of rules, manuals, and procedures around automatic voter registration. Passed reform with the Oregon Student Association to add additional drop box locations on college campuses.

2016: We partnering with The Oregon League of Conservation Voters Education Fund to do a multi layered voter mobilization effort through door and phone contact to increase turnout among these new, largely low-propensity voters. The goals of the program were to engage new registrants and prompt them to vote, but also build the long-term capacity and reach of our volunteer leaders. We also lead the Oregon Motor Voter coalition to do polling, research, and an experiment with Analyst Institute around testing various messages to these new recipients.

2017: Leading the statewide efforts around critical election reforms.