Decline To Sign!

Trump-aligned politicians are circulating a ballot measure to cancel every single voter registration in Oregon – including yours. Take action to stop them today.
The day after the November election, we saw racist, vote suppressing politicians file an outrageous and ridiculous ballot measure get filed. This week we found out they’ve already started getting signatures.
If you haven’t heard about it, the Willamette Week just wrote a story outlining the batsh*t bananas voter suppression law.
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Representative Nearman (who seems to get most of his ideas from Donald Trump) wants to cancel every voter registration & make every Oregonian register again. He has no evidence of problems with our voting system. Thanks to automatic voter registration we have the most secure, modern, and efficient voting system in the country – and the biggest turnout growth of any state in 2016. Nearman wants to end all that – and cancel every voter registration in the process.
Make no mistake about it– this proposed ballot measure is the most extreme and desperate attempt at voter suppression in Oregon we’ve ever seen. It would literally kick every single Oregon voter off the rolls – millions of citizens – and force every single Oregonian to take a special trip to see the government and prove themselves in order to get their right to vote back.
This proposal would hurt every Oregonians and won’t solve a single problem.
Let’s be clear – if you live in Oregon, this proposal would cancel your voter registration and that of everyone you know. It sounds absurd, because it is. We know this would impact working families, rural Oregonians, students, and communities of color the most. And we don’t think this type of suppression has any place within Oregon. That’s why we’re launching our
Take the Decline to Sign pledge. Share it with your friends. We know Oregonians love our voting system. I can’t imagine any Oregonian would enjoy their voting rights and those of their friends and family being attacked just to satisfy some paranoid conspiracies.
What else can you do? 
Take action. Get involved. During the legislative session, we’re introducing a number of bills that could have a big impact on increasing access for all eligible citizens. Unlike, Representative Nearman, we think democracy works best when all eligible voters are able to participate free from barriers. Come to our lobby day .
Keep us informed. If you see petition collectors at your local grocery market or outside the post office, tell us. Tweet @busproject or with where it is and/or send a picture of the gatherer. Tell us anything and everything you can about the incident. We want to be sure to monitor the signature gathering process and ensure they’re doing it by the books.
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