Changing the Rules of the Game

It’s easy to read the news and feel as if wealthy donors can write big checks, and politicians will listen. Meanwhile, regular folks like you and me are left paying the price when those policies don’t address the real problems we face every day.

But does it have to be like this? We don’t think so.

We can tip the balance in Oregon, and make it so our elected officials are less dependent on donors with deep pockets, and spend more time talking to their community.

By creating a Small Donor Elections program, we can change the rules of the game.

We can remove barriers and make sure candidates that share our values are able to run for office, not just well-connected folks that are out of touch with our communities. We can empower our neighbors to have a voice, and to influence real decisions in Salem.

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When money is no longer a barrier to running for office, we can elect more regular people from all walks of life. And when we change who’s at the decision-making table, we can create better outcomes for our state.

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