Bri’s story: “let’s follow through on something (for once…slackers)” #freshstartoregon


Bri Pruett is funny. Like, bust-a-gut, uncontrollable-laughter, “did-she-just-really-say-that” funny, and one of many stars in Portland’s notoriously burgeoning stand-up comedy scene. We were delighted to announce she supports the #freshstartoregon campaign and allow her the space to share her thoughts on this important bill.

“As a lifelong Oregonian, I was thrilled to see our state legalize recreational marijuana and end the drug wars that resulted over 13,000 arrests and citations in 2013. However! Our work isn’t finished; antiquated laws are still hurting disenfranchised communities, with many in our community unable to gain access to the housing, employment, and education necessary to rebuild their lives. Now that we Oregonians have voted in favor of recreational marijuana, let’s follow through on something (for once… slackers) and free the incarcerated folks who are the victims of old laws!
Oregonians love weed, we voted for it; let’s save the money we spend on incarcerating marijuana offenders and spend it on something Oregonians care about – like cleaning up the rivers, paying our teachers, or buying plane tickets home for Californians.”

Thanks, Bri! Ms. Pruett has appeared at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the All Jane No Dick comedy festival, and Bumbershoot. She makes regular appearances at Helium Comedy Club, Curious Comedy Theater, and other Portland showcases, and writes a sex column for The Portland Mercury titled “‘Let’s Do it’ with Bri Pruett.” She’s also the comedy sidekick, writer, and co-creator of Late Night Action with Alex Falcone, a live, talk/variety show.

We’ve topped 1700 (!) signatures on our campaign, and thanks to you, Salem legislators including Representative Ann Lininger, Representative Lew Frederick and Senator Ginny Burdick are working *right now* on reintroducing legislation supporting this crucial work. Last week, OPB News ran a story about our work, highlighting the story of Tim, the farmer in The Dalles, who we covered a few weeks ago. This wouldn’t be happening without your support. Every. Signature. Counts.  

Can you forward our petition to five friends who agree that marijuana convictions shouldn’t continue to ruin young Oregonians’ lives?


And be sure to let us know if you wanna volunteer, too. Stay tuned for information on events to help win this campaign!

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