We think democracy is a great. And Oregon does democracy pretty well… Motor Voter, vote-by-mail, and online voter reg are a few examples of how Oregon has lead the way on voter access.

We also recognize democracy, in order to work at its best, needs a little help, a little attention and support from people like you and me. Even with these innovative voter access policies in place, there are still tons of Oregonians who face barriers to the ballot and there are still places where Oregon can improve.

That’s why this legislative session, we’re continuing to make voter access a priority with bills on:

~ Pre-voter registration for 16 year olds ~

~ Paid Postage on ballots ~

~ In-language tools for minority-language voters ~

~ National Popular Vote ~

You can take action to help ensure democracy is working for all Oregonians by joining us on March 8th for our Democracy Day of Action at the Capitol! Transportation and lunch will be provided.

What: Democracy Day of Action

When: Wednesday March 8th, 9 am – 3:30 pm

Where: Oregon State Capitol. Meet at Bus office (333 SE 2nd Ave) at 7:45 am to ride the bus down to Salem with us!

RSVP here!

Can’t join us in Salem but still wanna help out? Democracy can use all kinds of TLC– voter registration in high schools, calling state reps and senators, submitting testimony– Pledge to take action now!

Wanna make a BIG difference but can’t join us for our lobby day? Chip in $10 bucks today and buy one of our high school students a lunch. Chip in $20 bucks a month and you’ve bough lunch, breakfast and a lobby packet. OR make a larger impact and donate $10 bucks a month and make sure we can talk to legislators all year long about how essential democracy is in 2017.

Democracy needs you now more than ever.

-Team Bus <3

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Let’s talk about #Priorities

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As a voice for young Oregonians and a champion for the right of all US citizens to vote, the Bus Project denounces the Trump administration’s latest attempt to undermine democracy.
His latest falsehood was on display when he took to the twittersphere today to announce he’ll be pursuing an investigation into “voter fraud” around the country. We’re gonna have to call this #AlternativeFacts. We’ve seen these lies before and we are ready to fight.
President Trump has claimed millions of undocumented immigrants cast votes this past November #AlternativeFact. After a broad coalition of bipartisan election administrators roundly debunked his bald-faced lie about “five million illegal votes” costing him the popular vote, President Trump announced intentions to launch an investigation into “voter fraud.” Given the chorus of experts, Republicans, and Democrats rejecting his claims, this is clearly President Trump trying to manufacture a nonexistent popular mandate for himself. To accomplish this impossible task, President Trump is opening the door to robbing every American of our most sacred right to vote.
The President also seems to think a lot of people voted twice. We know our President can’t back up his claim, but we’re sure his team will claim they have #AlternativeFacts. We’ve got the truth on our side, Mr. President. We even have the National Association of Secretaries of State– the chief elections officers in all 50 states– saying there was no evidence of massive voter fraud this past election.
The Bus believes democracy works best when more eligible voters can participate.

We know these unsubstantiated claims ​by the President are irresponsible and undermine the integrity of our elections.
​Here in Oregon, we are committed to fighting for access to the ballot box free from intimidation.

We hope you will join us in continuing to expand voter access, like we did ​with online voter registration, with pre-registration, with vote by mail, and with our latest 2015 victory ​with Motor Voter, by pledging to take action. We’ve got work to do​, but we’re gonna need your help.

​Can’t take action today? Chip in 10$ a month to make sure we’re continue to expand access for eligible voters here in Oregon.
-Team Bus


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New Polling!

#AutomaticVoterRegistration is the future and 73% of registered voters polled in Oregon agree.

Oregon implemented a secure, modern electronic voter registration system – and the voters approve. #AutomaticVoterRegistration

86% of Democrats and 62% of Republicans polled in Oregon support the state’s Motor Voter program. #AutomaticVoterRegistration

#AutomaticVoterRegistration brings voting into the 21st century and almost 3 out of 4 registered voters in Oregon support it.


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Seriously, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

As you may know, the United States Senate was in full swing last week with confirmation hearings for President Trump’s cabinet picks. And just in case you haven’t heard yet, his picks are BANANAS. Seriously, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
We want you to know who the top 3 most ridiculous picks are for young Oregonians.


US Attorney General


Secretary of Education


Head of Environmental Protection Agency



In 1986, Coretta Scott King warned us about Jeff Sessions. He thinks that civil rights should be thrown to the wind opposing marriage equality and Roe v Wade. He also supports increased surveillance, voting for the wiretaps provision of the Patriot Act.

He opposes a legal pathway for citizenship for people immigrating into the US and voted against a ban on cruel and inhuman punishment for prisoners.

Last but not least, he opposes medical marijuana, once saying “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”



She’s not an expert in curriculum, education or pedagogy. Her qualification for serving in education’s highest seat is serving as a lobbyist for the school choice movement in Michigan. This means she supports voucher & tax credit programs, which would ultimately move public tax dollars away from public classrooms and into private schools.

Further, she doesn’t believe in separation of church and the public school classroom– going as far as to say public schools should “advance God’s kingdom.”

Oh also, she said we should have guns in public schools to protect students from grizzlies. Here’s a link… we can’t make this stuff up.



He doesn’t think climate change is real saying “Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.” #NoScottTheyDont

He’s continuously taken the side of industry over the well-being of people during his tenure as Oklahoma’s Attorney General. The Head of the Department of Environmental Quality described Pruitt as having “advocated and stood up for the profits of business . . . at the expense of people who have to drink the water or breathe the air.”


As the confirmation process continues, our Senators need to hear from you. They have the power to stop these terrible picks. If you do one thing today, make sure you call our US senators and urge them to vote oppose these nominations.
For Sen. Wyden’s office, call: 202-224-5244
For Sen. Merkely’s office, call: 202-224-3753
-Team Bus
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That “Good Trouble”

This week has been marked by record breaking snow levels, but all eyes are on the Senate as confirmation hearings begin with Senator Sessions for the Attorney General.
We submitted our opposition to Senator Sessions in an open letter. We joined 232 national organizations, and 206 local organizations civil and human rights organizations opposing the nomination of Senator Sessions. You can read the letter here.
In the letter we highlight his record on Voting Rights, Association with White Nationalist and Hate Groups regarding Immigration Policy, Hate Crimes and LGBT Rights, Women’s Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Failing to Protect our Communities from Pollution and Climate Change, Rights of People with Disabilities.
We have traditionally focused on time and energy on state wide matters, but as Congressman Lewis said: “You have a moral obligation, a mission and a mandate, to speak up, speak out and get in good trouble,” Lewis said. “You can do it. You must do it. Not just for yourselves but for generations yet unborn.” These next four years, we are going to need you to get involved and get into that good trouble with us.
We are proud to stand against the nomination of Sen. Sessions.
Then take action. Contact Sen. Wyden and Sen. Merkley and urge them to oppose this nomination.
For Sen. Wyden’s office, call: 202-224-5244
For Sen. Merkely’s office, call: 202-224-3753
-Team Bus
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Unite Against Hate

Join us just a week before Trumps inauguration to mark the beginning of our resistance to his administration’s impending attacks on immigrant communities.

We’ll be taking our first Bus Trip of the year next Saturday Jan. 14th as part of the One Oregon Coalition down to Salem for the United for Immigrant Rights March and Rally at the capitol building. On this national day of action, we want to make it heard loud and clear that immigrants and refugees are essential to the fabric of Oregon and we will not tolerate hateful rhetoric that scapegoats immigrant communities or policy that attacks their human rights.

We cannot allow this new administration to threaten our friends, our families, our neighbors, our colleagues. We must not be idle while member of our community are being targeted.

What can we do?

Unite in support of our immigrant and refugee communities and join us as we march for dignity, justice, and respect.

Are you in Portland? Wanna ride with us down to Salem? RSVP here:

What: Unite for Immigrant Rights Rally and March

Where: Oregon State Capitol, Salem, OR

When: Saturday Jan. 14th, 2016

  • Bus departing Portland at 10:15 am
  • March begins at the Capitol at 11:30 am
  • Bus arrive back in Portland at 3:45 pm
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Want to take action in 2017?


Sign up to take action here. 

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You mad?

Are you mad about the electoral college? So are we.
For a couple of legislative sessions, The Bus Project has been pushing a national popular vote bill.
We see your posts on Facebook.
We see your posts on Twitter.
We hear your angry conversations in the local bars.
We read your emails about urging us to take action.
We’re going to fight like hell this legislative session, but we’re going to need your help. Can youpledge to take action? This means you pledge to call your state representatives or state senators. This means you might get on a bus and come to Salem for a day of action. This means you might submit testimony in support. Take your anger and help us pass some reforms in Oregon. It doesn’t just stop here. We’ve got work to do with your help.
Don’t want to take direct action, but want to help support the cause? Join us today and be a monthly Bus Driver for $10 a month and help us fuel our bus tank for those long trips to Salem.
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Want to avoid your racist aunt?

We’ve all got that racist aunt or uncle who wears the red trucker hat that says: Make America Great Again. We know you might need a few minutes to celebrate something positive in your life. Here is an excuse to stop listening to them and instead, celebrate with us.

We’ve got some real news (none of it’s that fake stuff) that you can celebrate.

Check out the opinion editorial about a voter suppression measure that was just filed, you can read it here:

Check out this amazing story from the East Oregonian that celebrates Oregon Motor Voter. Yes– you read that right, East Oregonian Editorial Board wrote a celebratory piece about a bill we championed and you can read about it here:

What do hazelnuts and voting have in common? Visit this link to find out:

Maybe you missed us on the front cover of the Nation (
Or the time the NY times wrote about our success (

ORRRRRR you can put those headphones in and listen to us being featured on reveal podcast here:

Basically, we’re trying to say that despite national politics being a dumpster fire– there’s a lot of hope in Oregon and it’s thanks to a big year at the Bus. But, we can’t do this work alone. Can you make a year end donation in honor of your racist aunt? Just $10 a month makes a huge difference and helps fuel our work all year long. You can give at this link:

For us, we’re a little shop that makes a big difference. Your year end donation can be a (insert your preferred holiday) gift to democracy.

Happy Holidays!
-Team Bus

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