Canvassing Weeeekend!

Maybe you have knocked on any doors this cycle? Maybe you haven’t talked to voters?

If you’re interested in joining us we have some incredible opportunities!

First, Yes! For Affordable Homes canvassing is happening on the 22nd of October. This month! We’ll be out knocking for a super important cause. Join us. More details here.

Second opportunity is for the most competitive race this cycle. An extraordinary women, mother, business owner, and brilliant potential legislator, Janelle Bynum. We’ll be have a very special guest and one of the Bus Project’s favorites: Senator Ron Wyden joining us! Here are all the details.

Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. You gotta get involved.

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Registration Deadline is ffassssttt approaching.


You’ve got until October 18th to register to vote.

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Meet our newest team member: Shivangi Agrawal


Shivangi is from the large multi-cultural city of New Delhi, India. 

She is a recent graduate in Psychology and Biocultural Anthropology from Oregon State University. While getting her degree, she worked at the Oregon State Women’s Center, as well as the student government in Oregon. She is also consistently involved with non-profits back in India that work with underprivileged children in the slums of Delhi.

She loves studying about history, culture and politics through the mediums of dance, music, fiction or cinematography. She is passionate about social justice, and loves engaging in conversations about the social constructions of race and gender. She hopes to lead her country someday and to create an international organization of citizenship that is better than the United Nations!

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We go canvassing.


Join us for weekend canvassing dayyyyys!

Do you support affordable homes? We do too. Come join us for YES! For Affordable Homes canvass day! It’s going to be on October 22nd. It’s a Saturday. Here are the deets.

Then on Sunday, we’re headed out for Janelle Bynum and Mark Meek with Senator Wyden. We a BIG fans of Senator Wyden and so stoked he’s joining us! Here are the deets.

Got questions? Wanna RSVP? Email


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After last night we all need a little bit of laughter.


Ted Wheeler
Chloe Eudaly
Steve Novick
Eric Zimmerman
Sharon Meieron
Amanda Schroeder
Diego Hernandez
Bud Pierce
Ballot Measure 26, 97, 98.

Video skits too.

Huge kudos to Jason Rouse and Steph Barnhart for making this magic happen.

When is it? 7:30pm tonight. We suggest you get there a little early.

Where: Revolution Hall.

How much: $5 bucks in advance. $10 bucks at the door.

Why: Young people don’t think politics are fun. We see a bunch of folks that have much in common with us. This event helps young voters connect and see a human side of candidates. Plus, we seriously need a little laughter in this election cycle. And this is it. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win some Blazer’s tickets.


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Willamette Week Presents:

Hello Lovelies,

If you are feeling the end-of-summer/pre-election blues, we have the solution for you. Willamette Week and the Bus Project announce Candidates Gone Wild, a fun program full of pop culture, satire, and mischief showcasing local and statewide candidates in the 2016 election. On Monday, October 10th, ten candidates will share the stage for ninety minutes of hilarious political banter. 

Hosted by Courtenay Hameister, Portland writer, director and former host of Live Wire! Radio, the program will highlight one of the more exciting local races between Portland Commissioner Steve Novick and challenger Chloe Eudaly.

Will you see mayor-elects and city commissioners? Congressmen and women? State Representatives? We hope so!

Will the presidential race be covered here? Probably. And what about those controversial Oregon ballot measures like 97 (corporate tax) and 98 (career and technical education funding)? Oh yes.

Pop culture spoofs? Improv skits? Candidates singing, acting, dancing? Live commercials? Likely happening, with your 2016 local and statewide candidates’ laughable antics at the center. Get your ticket now and join us at Revolution Hall for the shenanigans.

Where: Revolution Hall

When: 7:30pm

How much: $5 in advance/$10 at the door


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We endorsed!


The Bus Project is pleased to announce our support for the historic Yes for Affordable Homes campaign to create homes for Portlanders who are in the greatest need in this housing crisis. This $258.4 million affordable housing bond will create permanently affordable housing for tens of thousands of people over the life of the homes, and marks the first time that Portlanders will be able to vote in support of affordable housing. We write today to ask you—one of our key supporters—to join this critical and momentous campaign.

At Bus Project our mission is making politics accessible and fun for young people, through mobilization, empowerment and building progressive communities while making Oregon a better place for everyone.

But our work has been increasingly challenged by the housing crisis that rages in our region. With Portland one-bedroom apartments renting at an average of $1,400, so many hardworking families can’t keep up and can’t find homes they can afford. Too many Portlanders are suffering in our communities, in shelters, in parking lots, and under our bridges because Portland very simply lacks enough affordable homes for those who need them most.

That’s why the success of this first ever ballot measure for affordable homes is important to the well-being of the city we love and it’s why The Bus Project supports it. When you vote Yes for Affordable Homes on November 8, you’ll be and building a better Portland for all.

Please join us and lend your support to Yes For Affordable Homes. Sign up to learn more and get involved at

After all, home is where it all begins. It’s where we set out each day fresh and rested. It’s where we started out on our educational, professional and personal paths. It’s where we begin and grow our families. Everyone needs a safe and stable start to each and every day. Together, we can make Portland a place everyone can afford to call home.

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Oregon Motor Voter Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Sign up now and help educate new voters in your neighborhood:

We’re teaming up with Oregon League of Conservation Voters Education Fund for an awesome Oregon Motor Voter experimental project!

This November, 23,000 new Oregon voters will receive a ballot thanks to Motor Voter. It’s up to you and me to make sure these new voters turnout this election!

50% of these new registrants are under the age of 35, but they’re new voters. The stakes are high and many of them don’t have all the information they need. Some of the new registrants don’t know we vote by mail in Oregon, some of them don’t have stamps, many of them don’t know the details. These voters often want to participate, but the system isn’t easy for those new registrants. That’s where YOU come in.


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Meet the Boss.

Meet Elisabeth. She’s the Program Director for our Neighbor to Neighbor outreach program for Oregon Motor Voter ensuring new registrants turn out to vote this November.

She is passionate about the application of academic ideas and social justice rhetoric in politics. She aspires to help develop the way that our leaders implement programs and policy based on affirmative action such that the barriers of cultural capital as it relates to class, education, gender, and citizenship and more are dismantled. She is most interested in the way that western culture teaches history as a narrative that contributes to ideology and the disparity between this and reality.

She loves going to the movies.
She loves reminiscing about MySpace.
She loves Street Roots.


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Meet Our NEWEST team member!


Meet our newest team member Scott!
Scott is a lifelong advocate of human rights and proponent of social justice. Beginning with a project interviewing migrant workers in 2007, he’s been a longtime migrant’s rights activist which eventually lead him to volunteer with No More Deaths patrolling the border of Mexico and looking for human rights abuses on the part of the United States government. He went into the Peace Corps where he worked as an agricultural extensionist in a small Paraguayan community. As a recent Portland transplant, he’s joined the team here at OLCV/The Bus Project to help us motivate our communities and engage voters city-wide. We are thrilled to welcome to the Bus and Oregon League of Conservation Voters team!
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