Automatic Voter Registration is SERIOUSLY Working for Young People

Oregon Automatic Registrants Ballot Returns Are Outpacing Their Peers

PORTLAND – This January, Oregon launched our nation’s first automatic voter registration system. Since then, the program has registered 51,558* new registrants. On average, 808* eligible Oregonians register every day  through automatic voter registration. Before Oregon Motor Voter, Oregon average registrations by month was just 2,023 new voters. With Oregon Motor Voter, our state is making great strides in getting a ballot into the hands of all eligible Oregonians.

Preliminary data from the Secretary of State’s Election Division show the great success of Oregon Motor Voter. As of Monday, May 16th at 9AM, Oregon voters that were automatically registered mostly outperformed their peers in returning their ballots. In Oregon primary elections, voters are able to vote within a single party that aligns with their party affiliation. Comparing automatically registered voters to traditional paper registrants, automatic registrants are outpacing traditional registrants in their percentage of ballots returned when broken down by both age and party affiliation.

Republican automatic voter registration (AVR) registrants aged 18-29 have turned out to vote at 20.3%, while individuals not registered though AVR are voting at just 12.7%. Non-affiliated voters aged 18-29 show a similar trend with AVR voters turning out at 10% in comparison to 3.3% of traditionally registered voters.  Independent Party members of the same age range registered though AVR are turning out at 10% while traditionally registered Independent Party members are turning in ballots at the rate of 7.2% Democrats aged 18-29 have AVR voters turning out at 22.3% which is close behind traditionally registered voters at 25.3% turnout. As of March 31, just over 50% of automatically registered Oregonians were aged 18-35.

This election our state is on track to have over 1 million eligible Oregonians cast their ballots. This is the second time in the state’s history that we will hit this landmark. We encourage individuals who have not already done so to cast their ballot before 8pm tonight. You can find your drop box location at the

The Oregon Motor Voter Coalition is comprised of the state’s leading civic engagement groups with a wide range of participants including the state’s leading organizations working for immigrant & refugee rights, public employee unions, youth engagement, civic engagement, disabilities rights, reproductive rights, and more.

*Registration numbers as of April 30th, 2016

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