As a voice for young Oregonians and a champion for the right of all US citizens to vote, the Bus Project denounces the Trump administration’s latest attempt to undermine democracy.
His latest falsehood was on display when he took to the twittersphere today to announce he’ll be pursuing an investigation into “voter fraud” around the country. We’re gonna have to call this #AlternativeFacts. We’ve seen these lies before and we are ready to fight.
President Trump has claimed millions of undocumented immigrants cast votes this past November #AlternativeFact. After a broad coalition of bipartisan election administrators roundly debunked his bald-faced lie about “five million illegal votes” costing him the popular vote, President Trump announced intentions to launch an investigation into “voter fraud.” Given the chorus of experts, Republicans, and Democrats rejecting his claims, this is clearly President Trump trying to manufacture a nonexistent popular mandate for himself. To accomplish this impossible task, President Trump is opening the door to robbing every American of our most sacred right to vote.
The President also seems to think a lot of people voted twice. We know our President can’t back up his claim, but we’re sure his team will claim they have #AlternativeFacts. We’ve got the truth on our side, Mr. President. We even have the National Association of Secretaries of State– the chief elections officers in all 50 states– saying there was no evidence of massive voter fraud this past election.
The Bus believes democracy works best when more eligible voters can participate.

We know these unsubstantiated claims ​by the President are irresponsible and undermine the integrity of our elections.
​Here in Oregon, we are committed to fighting for access to the ballot box free from intimidation.

We hope you will join us in continuing to expand voter access, like we did ​with online voter registration, with pre-registration, with vote by mail, and with our latest 2015 victory ​with Motor Voter, by pledging to take action. We’ve got work to do​, but we’re gonna need your help.

​Can’t take action today? Chip in 10$ a month to make sure we’re continue to expand access for eligible voters here in Oregon.
-Team Bus


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