97,000 reasons.

This election year, we knocked on a man’s door. His name was Charles. He was an 80-year-old African American man who was a disabled veteran. He had served in Vietnam and Korea. He was told when he was in the military to not register to vote as a black man. He never registered and for years never had his voice heard, until this November.  Because of Oregon Motor Voter, Charles received a ballot in the mailbox. One of our incredible organizers, Krista, knocked on his door and explained the program and asked if there were any questions. Charles took Krista’s phone number and ended up calling her a few days later and asked for help. Because he was disabled he could not deliver his ballot. Krista helped answer questions about the program and delivered his ballot.

 Charles voted for the first time in his life thanks to automatic voter registration!

Can you help us continue to make sure all eligible voters have access to the ballot? Your end of year donation will help us continue to fight for voter access for all the other Charles’ in Oregon.

 This year over 230,000 new voters were added to the voter registration rolls here in Oregon, thanks to a law we passed called Oregon Motor Voter. And over 97,000 new voters voted for the very first time thanks to the new law. That’s greater than the difference of votes in all the contested states combined! We could talk about how half of the new registrants are under the age of 35. Or how they’re diverse racially and economically. Or their incredible views on climate. All of this is just some exciting stuff about the program!

We live in a state that protects voter access and had almost the highest voter turnout in the country. This happens because leaders like the Bus Project fight on. We show up. We testify. And we make laws happen. In rule-making. In conversations three years before a bill gets drafted. People expect us to work hard to protect voter access. Please consider making a meaningful end of the year donation to ensure that we can continue to do this work!

We are able to do ALL of it because of your help. Thanks from all of us at the Bus.

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