8 days.

We have only 8 days until the election.

We are fighting against the biggest out of state corporations who are spending 26 million dollars to confuse voters. This election is critical to the future of Oregon.

We thought it might be helpful to break it down for you. (Material from voteyeson97.org/faq)

How does measure 97 work? Measure 97 increases the corporate minimum tax for the largest corporations doing business in Oregon — C Corporations with more than $25 million in Oregon sales. By law the measure dedicates new revenue to education, health care and senior services.

Why do we need to raise taxes on large and out-of-state corporations?

Oregon families deserve good schools and affordable health care. We have the 3rd lowest high school graduation rate in the nation; nearly 300,000 Oregonians lack health coverage; and more and more seniors are retiring into poverty.

Who will pay the tax?

Only the largest corporations doing business in Oregon — C corporations with more than $25 million in Oregon sales — will pay the new minimum tax. In fact, a report by the Legislative Revenue Office shows that 85% of the revenue raised by the measure will be paid by corporations with more than $100 million in Oregon sales. These are some of the largest corporations in the world.

The vast majority of the more than 400,000 active businesses in Oregon will be unaffected by this measure. In fact,less than one quarter of 1% of all businesses operating in the state will see their taxes go up.

While an exact list of the C corporations that would pay more isn’t available from the state of Oregon, we do get to see detailed tax statistics on corporations that would be affected by Measure 97. Those statistics tell us that the corporations with more than $25 million in annual Oregon sales mostly pay minimum taxes, and those minimum taxes are very low.

Also, if you take a look at who is funding the opposition to Measure 97, you’ll get a pretty good idea of who is worried about paying their fair share.

What makes Measure 97’s tax unique?

Measure 97 is unique. By making a simple change to Oregon’s corporate tax code, it has the potential to be a game-changer for Oregon.

It was strategically designed to hit the right target — large and out-of-state corporations, not working Oregonians or small businesses (which are already paying their fair share). Rather than increase the corporate minimum tax currently in place for all corporations in Oregon, Measure 97 increases the corporate minimum only for the largest corporations. That means it protects the small businesses that are already paying their fair share, and it levels the playing field between big corporations and Oregon’s small business community.

Measure 97 is also unique because it increases the corporate minimum tax only on Oregon sales above $25 million. If a C corporation has $26 million in annual Oregon sales, the new corporate minimum won’t apply to that first $25 million.

By taxing large corporations’ Oregon sales rather than profits, income, or anything else, corporations can’t exploit loopholes (like hiding profits in overseas tax havens) to get out of paying what they owe. Further, because we’re taxing Oregon sales, there’s no incentive for corporations to leave the state — nor is there any incentive for them to stop doing business here. Remember, Oregon ranks 50th in the nation in corporate taxes. That means that in 49 other states, corporations are paying higher state taxes — and they’re still doing business in each of those states!

What investments will Measure 97 allow us to make?

By asking large and out-of-state corporations to pay their fair share in Oregon taxes, we could build a truly better Oregon! We could improve graduation rates, ensure every Oregonian is covered by health insurance, and allow seniors to retire with dignity.

We could dramatically improve the quality of our kids’ education. We could hire back more than 7,000 teachers to get class sizes to the national average, and we could restore critical days of instruction — which would improve our high school graduation rate.

With our measure in place, we could fully fund a statewide modern public health system. We could ensure that health coverage is more affordable for Oregon families. Everyone deserves access to early and effective care, and we will finally be able to make that a reality.

We could help thousands of Oregon seniors stay in their homes longer and retire with dignity. Our measure would restore funding to critical programs that older Oregonians rely on.

What groups are involved in this measure?

A Better Oregon is a coalition of parents, teachers, health care workers, business owners, and community leaders who have come together to fight for the schools and services Oregon needs.

Some coalition partners include the Main Street Alliance of Oregon, Unite Oregon / Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO), First Unitarian Economic Justice Committee, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) of Lane County, Oregon Center for Public Policy, Bridgeport United Church of Christ, Human Services Coalition of Oregon (HSCO), Children First for Oregon, Upstream Public Health, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Family Forward Oregon, Causa Oregon, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition, Rural Organizing Project, Oregon Working Families Party, Oregon Health Equity Alliance, Cascade AIDS Project (CAP), Oregon Consumer League, Oregon School-Based Health Alliance, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Oregon School Nurses Association, Oregon PTA (Parent Teacher Association), American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Oregon, Oregon Education Association, SEIU Service Employees International Union, Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon Nurses Association, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 555. AND US! Visit our coalition page to see the full list of coalition partners.

How can I support the campaign?

Join us and help us win! The easiest thing you can do is simply sign up for campaign updates.  (Let them know you came from the Bus Project!) We’ll make sure to keep you up to speed on what’s coming next for the campaign, and let you know how you can get involved.

If you’re interested in a higher level of involvement, sign up to volunteer! There are plenty of ways to get involved between now and Election Day— 8 DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY. KIND OF LIKE 8 DAYS A WEEK.


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