Good afternoon! Your pals at the Bus Project, that charming little organization working to improve youth engagement in Oregon politics, wanted to send you a quick little reminder that today’s a great day to TURN IN YOUR BALLOT.

Step 1: Fill it out (Judges and all!)
Step 2: Sign your name.
Step 3: Drop off your ballot.
Step 4: Repeat (in November).

Remember, folks, It’s TOO LATE TO MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT, so you need to DROP IT OFF by 8:00pm sharp this evening. Take a quick moment CLICK HERE and check out this helpful map by the Oregon Secretary of State to figure out where you can drop off your ballot on your way home this evening.

If you are in the Portland area and looking to celebrate a little bit of democracy, we’re teaming up with the fine folks at Oregon Walks, the state’s pedestrian advocacy committee, to march to the Ballot Box this evening. We’ll be meeting at 5pm at Lucky Lab Brewery on SE Hawthorne then marching up to the Election Office at 6:30. Come learn more about Bus Project/Oregon Walks initiatives this summer and enjoy the weather and democracy over drinks!

While we have your attention, were you aware of the shiny, happy new faces hanging around the Bus Project? We’ve been busy hiring new staff to run our outreach programs and the 2014 crop of Politicorp Fellows; click HERE to read more about Aylinn, Tim and yours truly!

We’ve got a ton of events coming up this summer; if you’re interested in being a footsoldier for democracy through our organization, be in touch!

Are you one of those people who scrolled to the bottom and didn’t have time to actually look over this blog post?


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