The Bus’s Endorsements for Local Office


Anybody who’s taken a ride on the Bus knows we don’t make our decisions lightly. Our endorsements are the product of hundreds of hours of thoughtful conversations (loud arguments) between volunteers and are supported by countless hours of rigorous research (rigorous drinking).

Local offices are the parts of American democracy closest to us. The ones we can touch, and feel, and smell. They’re where the real business gets done. They matter, dammit. And that’s why we put in the work.

But it’s all worth it, because the Bus makes the right choices. And ME OH MY 2014 will be a doozy. We know these choices may be controversial. But if you can’t stand on principle in this world, where can you stand? In line, with the rest of the sheeple? NO THANK YOU.

Without further ado, here are the Bus Project’s endorsements for local offices:

We find the tasteful yellow hues soothing.


What is this, an office for GYMNASTS? A workspace from the third dream level of Inception? #CAREFULDONTFALL

Simple. Elegant. Nice use of green stuff. I’ll take it!

Parliament Interior
We agree that the bear is kinda overkill, but you can’t be a purist in politics.

Dude! Look at the shiny vents! AND THE HARDWOOD. OH BABY THE HARDWOOD.

But our favorite is definitely this one:


C’mon. Where else will you have this much fun doin’ good? We’ve got epic Trick or Votes to plan, a Millennial Voter Guide to design, the TENTH summer of PolitiCorps to kick off. PLUS – we’re gonna knock on ten hundred zillion doors to support GLBT equality, marijuana reform & legalization, and the Driver’s Card referendum. So, um Git. On. Da. BUS. Or, donate.

*April Fools! Some of these offices aren’t even in Oregon… DUH!

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