Interns? Meh. Springterns? Yes!

We’re on the lookout for some awesome interns to help our Spring programs bloom in full force! We’ve got a whole darn smorgasbord of open spots. If you’re interested in a gig, see if any of these sound like you!

Admissions: We are all about finding talent and connecting it to meaningful work! The Bus runs one of the nation’s most competitive summer fellowships, PolitiCorps. To stay competitive we work on this program year-round and are now in the process of revamping our admissions processes. If you are a good planner, expert with logistics and able to manage multiple projects, then PolitiCorps needs you! This position will require comfort navigating college sites, organizing applicant data, familiarity with Bus data systems (we’ll train you, no worries) and some phone time.

Events & FundraisingEver dreamed of being a club promoter? Or just like to throw ragers? Then we want you! We’re gonna party like it’s 2014… which means all the time. We need someone who is a total people person, a graceful yet speedy juggler of everything, and unafraid to ask for what you want. You’ll learn how to schmooze, hustle and raise those dollar bills in big, big stacks.

Finance & Development: If you’re into money and numbers, come learn the basics of non-profit work behind the scenes. As an organized guru, you’ll work with our development team to keep our finance boat afloat. You’ll get trade secrets of fundraising and schooled in the sexy legal lingo. Our dream interns are driven to bring in the dough, discreet and responsible with sensitive information – and understand that love is in the details.

Outreach: You love meeting new people and bringing diverse communities together. We’re looking for the ultimate “people person” to join our team to get folks interested, organize our supporters, and keep the wheels on this machine properly rolling. You’ll get exposure to some of the greatest minds in politics, nonprofit leadership and business. On top of it all, you’ll hammer out event details, develop new organizing strategies, and keep our Outreach and Voter Engagement Coordinator in line.

Social Media & Outreach: We need help getting the word out! We want the Bus to be the place where young people go to get involved and lately it’s felt more like a secret society. If you move about social media sites with ease, enjoy connecting with new people and love going to events, then this has your name ALL OVER IT! As a social media and outreach intern you will be responsible for giving a facelift to our current social media sites, getting folks interested, organizing our supporters and capturing our work for the world to know about.

Web Design: Our sites need some mad love! You found this so chances are good you’ve seen em – you agree? Then we need you! We want our web pages to reflect our fun spirit and capture in the words of our youth leaders what we do and what we are really about. As a web design intern you will use your creative genius to capture the ideas of our team and combine them with your tech savvy to create gifs, memes, short videos and whatever else makes sense.

To apply, get in touch with our Program Director at!

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