PhonePhesting and Bus Trippin’ with Tara

Alright, here’s how this goes. October 15th, 2013 is a big day for the Bus. Not only because it is the last day to REGISTER TO VOTE before the November 5th election (hint: do it if you haven’t), but it’s also the first day for Tara Sulzen, the Bus Project’s new Executive Director.

Tara, bada** that she is, will be kicking off her new role Bus-style with a phonephest and Bus Trip day, and she’s hell-bent on having you there with her.  Let us explain. 

Right now, the Gresham Barlow School District is looking to pass their first school bond in 13 years, and they need some help. Besides building much-needed classroom space and filling it up with cutting edge technology, books that have both the front AND back covers, and  AMAZING students (um…PolitiCorps class of 2020 *cough cough*), this school bond will create jobs and also keep kids safe.

You know that nothing moves the needle on critical local issues more than boots-on-the-ground direct-action democracy. We want to make that kind of positive impact for the students out in Gresham-Barlow. And we want to spend those couple of hours with you, working hard and having fun. Get on the bus!

Detail Time.


When: October 24th, 5 – 8 pm

Where: Bus Central at 333 SE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR

What/Why: PhonePhest time! Bring your smoothest phone voice and sweetest smile to talk to voters and help get the Gresham Barlow School District some cash-money to fix up their schools. Join us.


When: November 2nd, 10-3pm

Where: Bus Central

What/Why:  We are taking our Bus out to Gresham for some democracy-style action as we talk with voters, remind them to vooooote, and make sure they know what this bond can do for generations to come. Click here to sign up right now.

I know what you’re thinking: I can’t choose! I want to come to both events! Well, you can! Just hit Ebony up with an email and let her know you’re getting on the Bus with us.

**Never been to a PhonePhest or Bus Trip before? No worries! We’ll feed you and train you, and you’ll even get to hang out with our BRAND NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.


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