Happy NVRD!

We know you’ve been waiting for it all year. Congratulations, you patient sweethearts. It’s finally here.Today is National Voter Registration Day. America’s favorite coast-to-coast celebration of voter registration, democracy, and wonderfulness.Obviously you’re wondering how you should celebrate. Should you throw a bunch of miniature red, white, & blue disco balls on the nearest Douglas Fir? Should you light some candles and roast a bunch of quail/tofurquail?

I mean, you can if you want. But probably better to:

  1. Register to vote. On National Voter Registration Day last year, over 300,000 people registered to vote on a single day. This year, you can be one of them. If you haven’t registered, or moved recently, get on it & register, yo.
  2. Help other people register.
Bus Voter Reg Warriors

Amazing Bus Project Voter Registration Volunteer Warriors

Regardless of how you go this extra mile this National Voter Registration Day, make sure to post about this beloved, time-honored holiday on the Twitters & the Facebooks, with hashtag #CelebrateNVRD.

Ok, go get your democracy on. Much love.

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