We’ll keep this short and sweet: you freaking rule, Bus people.

The candidates that the Bus supported this year went 8 for 8. That’s so much winning that we won’t even begrudge you for busting out a Charlie Sheen reference.

Thanks to you, the Oregon Legislature has five brand-spankin’ new representatives in Chris GorsekCaddy McKeownJoe Gallegos and long-time Bus volunteers Shemia Fagan & Ben Unger.

Thanks to you, Arnie Roblan has made the jump from the House to the Senate.

Thanks to you, Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson keeps her seat where she’ll continue to be a leading advocate for education and health care.

And thanks to you, Oregon can continue to be a leader in accessible, effective democracy with Kate Brown at the helm as Secretary of State.

These eight races were won by an incredible coalition, dedicated campaign staff and some truly inspiring candidates. These wins were fueled by generous donors, selfless volunteers from all over Oregon, and the hundreds and hundreds of Bus volunteers who gave their weekends, weeknights and everything in between to hit over 25,000 doors in races that were decided by just hundreds of votes.

Oregon, we love you so damn much.

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