Teressa’s story: Don’t Shoot PDX supports #FreshStartOregon.


Now that we’ve heard from Justin, Tim and Phil, today the Bus Project shares Teressa’s story, which highlights why she and her burgeoning organization support our FreshStartOregon campaign.

As the founder of Don’t Shoot Portland, I’ve worked to build an organization to promote public safety and equity throughout our community by fighting for the cultural and systemic change necessary to eliminate racial profiling. I’ve witnessed the everyday impact that criminal records for petty offenses can have on the families in our community. It’s refreshing to have elected officials introducing legislation such as the Fresh Start Oregon campaign to reflect the economic needs of all our community members. Expungement of nonviolent records can help level the playing field for Oregonians caught up in unjust systems that disproportionately hinder our ability to seek and hold down meaningful jobs, housing, and education. Don’t Shoot Portland eagerly supports Fresh Start Oregon as one of many crucial reforms necessary to help all communities in our city achieve financial stability. Please sign the petition for Fresh Start Oregon, and stay tuned to learn more about Don’t Shoot PDX and our work to fight for social justice.

To learn more about Teressa, check out her organization’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/dontshootpdx, and read more about the organization as highlighted in this recent blog post in Willamette Week.

take action now

We’re still collecting signatures for our work; please check out www.busproject.org/freshstartoregon and encourage your friends and family to support this urgently needed piece of legislation.

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