The 1, 2 3s of NVRD.

We had a lot of fun on Tuesday. There’s so many stories to share, but for now, let’s stick to the numbers:

This past Tuesday, in celebration of National Voter Registration Day, the Bus Project registered 1,230 Oregonians to vote.

742 of the Oregonians we registered on NVRD are currently high school students. Next year will be the first time these young adults will be eligible to vote, and last week, the Bus Project made sure that their first eligible ballot is going to show up at their mailbox.

Students at 23 high schools and private colleges worked with their faculty, staff and professors to register voters on campuses.

Over 141 people helped the Bus Project celebrate our big holiday. In addition to dozens of voter registration drives undertaken at community centers and schools across the state, volunteers ran our afterparty, sent out posters, fed our social media, and are now conducting data entry to finalize our results. KGW and The Oregonian ran stories on Camille and Ophelia’s work at Cleveland High School.

The Bus Project orchestrated voter registration drives in 12 communities. We had volunteers registering voters in Aloha, Beaverton, Cedar Mill, Corvallis, Eugene, Forest Grove, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Tualatin and Salem, and all throughout Portland.

We celebrated National Voter Registration Day with seven elected officials, all of whom registered voters in their own neighborhoods. Big thanks to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins, State Senators Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, Diane Rosenbaum and Richard Devlin, and State Representatives Val Hoyle and Ken Helm; our volunteers loved seeing elected officials committed to voter enfranchisement and civic engagement.

Attendees to our afterparty ate 120 slices of pizza. Tremendous thanks to our food donors, the Community Cycling Center for hosting us, our rockin’ friends New Zoos, and to VoteBot for bringing the dance party.

And finally, one final number for you:

Ten bucks a month is all it takes to become a Bus Driver. Please consider supporting our 501c(3) nonpartisan nonprofit organization that works to empower young people to get involved and engaged in local and statewide politics and build political power for the next generation of Oregonians.

We need you to become a Bus Member today so we can make next year’s National Voter Registration Day even bigger. We can’t do this work without you; please consider donating today.

Thanks for helping us Celebrate NVRD!

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